corporate_responsMaridian Solutions has made responsible corporate conduct an important part of its culture, identity, and business practices. As a leading project management and telecommunications consulting firm, we want to provide our clients with value-added products and services, promote a corporate culture that adheres to the highest ethical standards, and generate superior and sustainable returns for our shareholders. For our employees, we aim to provide a first-class working environment based on the values of diversity and meritocracy. Responsible corporate behavior means moving beyond pure profit oriented or including, including, legal and regulatory considerations when we are doing business.

Maridian Solutions is one of the premier firms with principal focus on meeting the telecommunication needs in sub Saharan Africa. Its business practices and labor conduct will adhere to principles with regard to human rights, environment and labor standards.

For us, the sustainable creation of value implies strong and effective corporate governance. We are committed to being an equal opportunity employer, to safeguarding financial privacy of our clients. We continually check the expectations our stakeholders with regard to our conduct. These expectations are high and some patience is probably necessary. Our employees, our culture and our values, ultimately drive responsible behavior.