imagesMaridian Solutions Inc. is a leading integrator of wireless telecommunications solutions and project management services. We work with cellular and fixed link network operators to plan, implement and optimize their wireless networks. Advice and results that Maridian provides enables operators to optimize CAPEX to revenue ratios in a total life cycle approach. Maridian Solutions offers a range of services, from initial business case assessments, through to turnkey network implementation. Irrespective of network technology, Maridian Solutions has the combination of skills and experience to assist you in the critical phases of network configuration and deployment. Maridian Solutions currently has a presence in US and West Africa and is exploring the Middle East as a potential new thrust. This presence is dependent for the most part upon the projects that are being delivered at any given time.

Founded with a commitment to deliver superior quality of service to its customers that cannot be matched by its larger rivals. Maridian Solutions possesses a more in-depth knowledge of wireless telecommunications, information technology (IT), consulting, and project management services. This is due to the full range of services offered that has made Maridian Solutions the consultancy of choice for many new and existing network operators.