computer_networkClient Profile / The client, a major international Cocoa Exporting company, needed to enhance its security to mitigate loss. The change in customer usage pattern forced them to rethink their original design and coverage requirements with the idea of making the network future-proof to support the changing needs of their customers

MSI Approach / MSI’s consultancy approach consisted of the following activities:

  • Developed a standardized method to articulate the product requirements so that they could be transformed into clear network design requirements
  • Created a comprehensive fact base of customer usage trends (location, devices, services, time of day) plus device and access point specifications and capabilities
  • Formulated a WiFi product requirement specification that clearly described the future capability of the network. This approach was also used to describe the service design goal of the original network to provide a common analysis framework
  • Validated the static RF coverage and active service performance of the WiFi network in four representative areas using an industry first test rig


Based on the above activities, MSI developed a comprehensive network plan to help evolve the client’s network to support the changing device and application landscape. The plan included:

  • Network design criteria based on usage patterns
  • Network optimization plan, including radio network upgrades, antenna optimization and access point upgrades to achieve newly designed requirements

Capital budget to deploy the network to meet the new network requirements.

Challenge & Objectives / The original design intent of the client’s WiFi network was to provide indoor and outdoor video surveillance for its warehouses; real time location tracking capabilities for its vehicles; and then provide remote monitoring analytics accessible by laptops, tablet, and smart phones  over the internet.

The client’s management team engaged MSI’s WiFi expertise to help define and evolve the service and coverage objectives for their network. Specific objectives were to:

  • Define technical coverage design criteria using best-in-class industry link budget techniques
  • Define the Quality of Service based on location, RF characteristics of new devices and application types


Results / The client deployed our integrated surveillance and RTLS solution, and network management recommendations into their overall network strategy. A network management plan was also put in place to methodically analyze and optimize areas of poor performance. This was especially important as the network was expanding rapidly to keep up with coverage demand. MSI continues to advise the client on various initiatives based on new developments in the WiFi technology space.